You get what you pay for: Swoop refused to give out water, but offered cup of ice

When boarding an airplane, you can expect outrageous surcharges thrown upon you for luggage, food and even for free award tickets. But in budget airlines, there are no free amenities on boarding the plane, and so there are no free drinks or snacks during the flight. There’s a small price to pay but of course not for water. The ultra budget airline, Swoop refused to give free water on a flight, instead it provided a cup of ice.

Swoop provided cup of ice
Swoop provided cup of ice

Swoop refused to give out water, but offered cup of ice

Wayne Fernades was on a flight from Hamilton to Las Vegas when he attempted to get a glass of water and discovered that it came with a price. As he believed that water is essential and should be included in a flight with no additional cost, Fernades was not willing to pay. Without making a formal complaint to the airline, he asked for a cup of ice. In his five hour flight, Fernandes waited for the ice cubes to melt, and that’s how he got his water. Later, he told Global News that water like other essentials such as toilet paper should be free, at least from humanity point of view. In response Swoop said paid water is an example of its completely unbundled products and services and it encourages customers to purchase bottles of water onboard. Also guests can bring their own empty water bottle and to fill it up once through security.

Swoop insists on buying Bottled Water 

There are no free amenities on board; so there are no free drinks or snacks during the flight. That’s a small price to pay, if you would like anything to eat or drink. This means water as well. And if you know this ahead of time, pack a water bottle and your own snacks and you’ll be fine onboard. Most passengers on Swoop flight don’t purchase anything. This often makes the drink/snack cart go by super fast, so no one got trapped in the aisle waiting to go to the washroom. Moreover, if you want to purchase alcoholic beverages, they have the usual choices you can find on other airlines and they’re priced very similar.

Swoop offers Bottled Water at a Price
Swoop offers Bottled Water at a Price

Pros and Cons of Budget Airlines


  • You can save a lot of money.
  • Safety is on par with the bigger airlines, as the inspection process is the same, no matter how much you pay for your flight.


  • Budget airline flights usually land at secondary airports, which may be several miles from your destination.
  • Cancelled flights are common on budget airlines. You could end up stranded and trying to make arrangements for a new flight.
  • Discount airlines may charge a lot more for checked or overweight luggage, insurance, and other perks provided at a lower cost (or free) by the larger airlines.
  • In-flight services and amenities may be minimal.

Final Thoughts

Swoop Airline
Swoop Airline

While Canada’s response to the growing demand of discount airlines has been slow and plagued with bad reviews, they’re still hanging on. In June 2018, Swoop Airline was WestJet’s answer to compete with Flair Airlines, but now it seems that the ultra low-cost carrier will no longer have competition and won’t be around much longer. In addition to being plagued by many recent negative passenger experiences making the news, who knows how long Swoop airline will last in Canada.


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