Watch: Child goes for 5-minute ride on luggage conveyor belt at Atlanta airport

A 2-year-old boy made a harrowing journey through the baggage bowels after climbing onto the luggage conveyor belt at Atlanta airport. While the toddler eventually landed up with a fractured hand in the TSA bag room, the surveillance footage of the incident went viral raising concerns on security around the automated baggage screening system via the Spirit Airlines ticket counter.

Surveillance video footage shows the child’s ride taking him through a behind-the-scenes labyrinth that few travelers ever see. Footage shows the child struggling to get off the luggage conveyor belt by climbing over a suitcase, but the conveyor moves too quickly, and the toddler is pushed into what appears to be a large X-ray machine by another bag.

Ride on luggage conveyor belt

Edith Vega had set her son, Lorenzo, down near a kiosk at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport so that she could print her boarding pass. She looked up a moment later to see her son riding away on the luggage belt.  The boy got onto the conveyor behind the Spirit Airlines check-in counter and rode it into the Transportation Security Administration’s bag-screening room. And while the child’s mother, Edith freaked out trying to jump and get hold of him, the 2-year-old was already enjoying a five-minute ride on the luggage conveyor belt that ended in the TSA bag room.

Ride on luggage conveyor belt
Ride on luggage conveyor belt

The mother and airline workers rushed to the belt and peered through the flaps that bags go through, looking for the kid. Eventually, the 2-year-old popped out in the TSA bag room surprising a handful of airport employees who rushed over to pull him off the belt. Lorenzo had fractured his right hand on the ride and he was taken to the nearest local hospital. There, he’s being treated and is expected to make a complete recovery. The incident, however, remains under investigation by the TSA and airport officials.

According to TSA authorities, pets have occasionally ended up on a similar trip through the baggage belt system but not humans. For a person and that too a toddler to actually go through this is very rare. In fact, the baggage system as a whole is not intended for humans or living beings.

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