Terrifying Footage: Smoke filled cabin on British Airways flight leads to mass evacuation

What it seemed to be a “horror film” was a smoke filled cabin on British Airways flight that gave passengers the shock of their lives. The cabin filled with what appeared to be white smoke as the plane plane approached its destination. While on-boarders had to face a terrifying ordeal, crying and hyperventilating; the British Airways flight had to be evacuated before landing.

Smoke filled cabin

The incident occurred on flight BA422 that departed London Heathrow for Valencia in Spain. But as it approached Valencia Manises Airport, about 10 minutes before landing, the airline experienced a technical issue. Within a few minutes, white acrid smoke appeared to come through the air conditioning system into the cabin. The white smoke or vapor entered into the cabin at an alarming rate and most passengers were barely discernible through it. With the odour of metal and chemicals, many had to cover their mouths with clothes.

Smoke filled cabin
Smoke filled cabin

Chaos spread inside the cabin. As there were no communications from the crew, passengers panicked and started hyperventilating. Also, one could barely see the passengers two seats down. The plane managed to safely land at Valencia Manises Airport. On landing, the pilot ordered for urgent mass evacuation. Passengers had to use evacuation slides to flee the smoky cabin. After evacuation, three passengers were taken to the hospital. No major injury was reported and they have been discharged too. Also, 19 passengers had received minor injuries.

Cause of smoke in the BA flight

However, the British airline revealed that electrical failures, overheating equipment, galley spillages and hot-air leaks from pneumatic ducts might be the potential causes of smoke in a plane cabin. Still, it has not yet confirmed the exact cause of the plane’s technical failure. Moreover, the British carrier has apologized to the affected 175 passengers on board Airbus A321. It stands firm in its statement; “the safety of our customers and crew is always our highest priority.”

British Airways  apologizes
British Airways apologizes


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