Summer of Surprises: Southwest gives free Nintendo Switch Consoles to passengers on Comic-Con flight

When you take a flight, domestic in particular, you usually expect to get a free ginger ale and perhaps some pretzels. Southwest Airlines had other plans for its passengers as it began its getaway sweepstakes in ‘Summer of Surprises’. Passengers traveling to San Diego Comic-Con were given a very on-theme surprise while boarding their flight at Dallas Love Field Airport on July 17. Southwest surprised them with free Nintendo Switch Consoles on the Comic-Con flight.

Southwest’ Nintendo-themed gaming flight 

Southwest Flight 2246 heading from Dallas to San Diego was the lucky flight for passengers gearing up to attend the massive San Diego Comic Con, one of the biggest comic conventions to be held this weekend. On being seated, passengers were treated to a Nintendo-themed gaming flight. A Nintendo representative appeared and gave them a chance to play a custom air travel-themed Super Mario Maker 2 course, called the Southwest Super Sky Challenge. The Super Mario Maker 2 is one of the most popular Switch games that has been launched on the console so far.

Super Mario Maker 2

Amazingly, those who played the super game also had a chance to win a $500 Southwest gift card and a Nintendo Switch prize pack consisting of Nintendo Switch system and a download code for a digital version of the Super Mario Maker 2 game. However, one lucky winner could be selected prior to the flight landing. Perhaps, that was the $300 freebie for happening to be on the right flight and at the right time. As Southwest had not offered seat-back entertainment on its aircraft, the Nintendo Switch gaming did bring some relief and a fun flight to several passengers especially the younger ones.

Southwest gives free Nintendo Switch Consoles

But what was more surprising was when passengers got off the aircraft, their free Nintendo switch consoles were waiting on them. The passengers were handed red bags with the console inside with no strings attached. It came as a huge surprise. For passengers aboard, it must have been a memorable flight. Though it’s not a common occurrence for airlines to give away gaming consoles on a flight, yet for this flight, it made perfect sense. It is likely that a fair number of passengers were on their way to San Diego to attend Comic-Con.

Southwest Airlines passengers surprised with their own Nintendo Switch system
Southwest Airlines passengers surprised with their own Nintendo Switch system

Nintendo the Official Video Game Partner of Southwest Airlines

This is not the first time Southwest has collaborated with Nintendo on a giveaway. Southwest Airlines and Nintendo have had a longstanding partnership since 2013 when Nintendo became the official video game partner of the airline.  In 2013, they joined hands to give passengers flying from New Orleans to Dallas free Wii U consoles and a copy of Super Mario Bros. U. Later in 2016, the two partnered again and surprised passengers on a flight from Dallas to Los Angeles with free Nintendo 3DS XL systems and copies of Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS.

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