Indian Businessman fined $720K for flight hijack hoax

India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) that deals with terrorist threats convicted an Indian Businessman to life imprisonment and fined $720K (Indian Rupees 5 crore) for a mid-flight hijack hoax by him in 2017.

Indian Businessman Birju Kishor Salla was accused and convicted of writing a note on the tissue paper in the toilet threatening the flight to divert to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). He is the first person to be convicted under India’s newly amended stringent Anti-Hijacking Act.

The businessman had the most bizarre reasoning for running the scare which has now put him behind bars for life. Apparently, he has confessed that he wanted to force his girlfriend who was a Jet Airways employee in New Delhi to lose her job so that she can come back to him to Mumbai.

Indian Businessman Birju Kishor Salla

The $720K fine collected from the businessman would be distributed to the pilot, crew and the passengers who were on that plane. The flight had an emergency landing at nearby airport  (Ahmedabad) once the hoax threat note was found and brought to the attention of the pilot.

Birju Kishore Salla (37) hailed from Gujarat state in India was the son of Kishorebhai, the owner of reputed H Kishore Kumar Jewellers in Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai.

Flight involved: Mumbai (Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport) to Delhi (Indira Gandhi International Airport) Jet Airways Flight 9W339

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