Hey Batman: Bat Surprises Passengers on Spirit Airlines Flight

Halloween came early on Spirit airlines flight from Charlotte to Newark. Passengers onboard got a free shot of adrenaline when a bat flew up and down the cabin. The winged creature might have flown inside the plane during overnight maintenance but eventually became pretty famous leaving passengers screaming and laughing. “It’s the Batmobile!” yelled a passenger. Here’s the video to raise your Spirit-s!

“It’s the Batplane”: Bat on the Spirit Airlines Flight

The stowaway bat was found on a Spirit flight from Charlotte to Newark. According to airport officials, the winged creature had flown in during overnight maintenance of the plane in Charlotte. And while it flew around baffling passengers on-board, the video of the incident was captured by a 23 years old Peter Scattini on his phone and shared it to social media. However, it wasn’t clear how long the flying mammal was free to roam about the cabin, but it did appear for 30 minutes into the Spirit flight. Finally, a passenger found a way to contain it and was trapped inside a bathroom on the plane. Later, the bat was taken by animal control officers. The aircraft was then disinfected and searched as a precautionary measure. No one was hurt, not even the bat.

Bat Surprises Passengers on Spirit Airlines Flight
Bat Surprises Passengers on Spirit Airlines Flight

The now-viral Twitter Bat post

The video shared on Twitter on July 31, has amassed 139,000 views, more than 1,000 retweets and of course, hundreds of comments. Twitter users quickly flooded the comment section with jokes. “You know, just your typical emotional support animal,” one person tweeted while another tweet responded; “I meannnnnn…the airline is named ‘Spirit’ Stephen Colbert, the famous comedian and host, joked about the video, saying “I can’t believe there was a bat on a Spirit Airlines flight. I’ve only ever seen raccoons.” But he wasn’t the only person to crack a joke about the incident, there were many down the line.

Stowaway creatures on-board

Earlier this year, a python was discovered in a suitcase of a passenger in a 9,000-mile flight from Queensland to Glasgow. Another incident was a rat found on-board resulting to an Alaska Airlines flight being canceled in January 2018.


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