Frontier celebrates Green Week: Free flights for those with last name Greene or Green

The airline is going “Green” — at least for some lucky travelers. Frontier kicked off “Green Week” by giving out prizes and deals to its passengers. And for those lucky ones with the last name of “Green” or “Greene”, the budget airline has announced free flights till Aug 13. Not to fret even if you don’t have a surname that can score you free airfare, Frontier has plenty of other goodies to offer.

Frontier’s Green Week

The Denver based airline is celebrating Green Week, an ecofriendly initiative which centers around the company’s aim to reduce its carbon footprint. It boasts of operating America’s greenest flight. Perhaps its flight is 39 percent more fuel-efficient than other airlines in USA. In recent years, the airline has been focusing on using sustainable materials like compostable cups, bamboo stir sticks and napkins made from recycled materials. In honor of Green Week, Frontier is offering free flights for people with the last name Green or Greene on Aug. 13. The offer is part of the Green Week promotion, focusing on fuel efficiency and sustainability.

Free flights in Green Week
Free flights in Green Week

Criteria for Free Flights

  • Greens and Greenes can only fly free on August 13
  • Departing flight must be between 12:00 a.m. and 11:59 on August 13
  • Return flight must arrive by 11:59 on August 20, 2019
  • The person in question must purchase their tickets first before applying for the refund.
  • Refunds will be awarded to the original booking contact person
  • All refunds will be rewarded by September 15
  • The refund is not applicable to spouses, parents, children, and siblings if their last name is not also Green(e).

Frontier no stranger to gimmicks

In February, the airline offered free flights to children of and under 14 years of age. In May it launched a promotion in which friends flew at no charge. While the Green Week promotion rewards passengers for simply having the “right” name, Frontier is not the only one to do so. Another airline, WOW Air did a promotion in February 2019 that awarded free flights to any passengers with the first or last name Valentine. Virgin Atlantic too offered a similar giveaway for people with the name Lucy or Lucia with a competition to win a free flight to St. Lucia.

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