French Air Traffic Control Failure hits flights across France, Airports still handling delays

While Britons headed home at the end of their summer holidays, thousands faced cancelled or heavily delayed flights after an air traffic control failure in France. The computer breakdown briefly disrupted all air traffic in France sparking holiday hell for Britons at airports at home and abroad. Though the civil aviation authority, DGAC assured that the breakdown had no impact on flight security, it temporarily halted all air traffic throughout French territory. Some flights to and from the UK faced delays and cancellations while airports in Europe are still handling residual delays.

Air traffic control outage hits UK flights

Hundreds of flights have been cancelled or delayed, causing chaos for families flying home from their holidays. At London Heathrow airport, the waiting passengers whose flights had been grounded complained that the airline’s club lounge had ran out of champagne. The major airlines to be affected were EasyJet, British Airways and Ryanair services. Easyjet was forced to cancel 180 flights. However, it has offered its customers on cancelled flights the option to transfer their flight free of charge or to receive a refund.

Air traffic control outage hits UK flights

British Airways also experienced disruption to journeys to and from France and Spain. It cancelled dozens of flights to and from Heathrow, including services to Athens, Barcelona, Nice, Berlin, Lisbon and Rome. The British carrier has asked customers to check the status of their flight on their website. It has further offered flexible rebooking options for those who wished to change their dates of travel as a result of the disruption.

Other airlines too were affected by the delays but not on the same scale. On the other hand, airports had a tough time handling flight delays. Lengthy delays on arrivals were seen at Stansted Airport with most of the flights running two hours late. Apart from Stansted airport, Heathrow, Manchester and Gatwick airports were hit by delays.


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