Flights at Newark Airport Halted after United Airlines Plane Skids Off Runway

This United Airlines plane was scheduled to land at Newark International around 1 p.m. on Saturday– but definitely not like this. It skidded off the runway while landing at Newark Airport leading the busy airport to briefly halt arrivals and departures. Though no casualties were found and all were reported safe, the turbulent landing did create havoc amongst air passengers as the plane bounced a couple times and swerved out of control.

What was the Cause of Turbulent Landing of the United Airlines Plane?

The Boeing 627 which had come from Denver blew a tire and skidded off the left side of the pavement. The plane’s left main landing gear became stuck in a grassy area and immediately became disabled. A ground stop was put in place at the facility that halted all air traffic and diverted flights to other airports. All flights were halted while its 166 passengers disembarked. None of them had serious injuries and needed to be taken to the hospital. And those that had minor injuries refused medical attention from paramedics that were called to the site. Several agencies including the Port Authority Police Department and aircraft rescue fire fighter units were present to evacuate the plane. The aircraft was towed off the airfield.

United Airlines plane evacuated

Flights Resumed after 2 Hours but Flight Delays Continue

Arrivals and departures at Newark Liberty were originally halted but later resumed after two hours. Currently, Newark Airport is operating at limited capacity with many delays and flight cancellations. The FlightAware showed up 30 departure cancellations and about two dozen arrival cancellations. Also, delays for some arriving flights were up to an average of more than five hours. All incoming flights were diverted to other airports including Newburg/Stewart, New York; New York-JFK; New York LaGuardia; Boston Logan; Philadelphia; Richmond, Virginia; Washington Dulles and Cleveland. However, those traveling through Newark Airport are advised to check with their carriers before coming to the airport.

Walk-Around Check before Every Flight

Aircraft maintenance is of great essence as both passengers and working crew want to be in a fully functioning and safe machine. The one check that’s done before every flight is the walk-around by maintenance and flight crews. The aircraft’s exterior is well inspected for bird and lightning strikes, missing screws, tire pressures, tire-tread wear, ramp damage as well as the general overall condition of the aircraft. Also the pilots run a number of pre-flight tests of the aircraft systems in the cockpit before each flight.

All Flights Halted after United Airlines Plane Skids Off Runway.

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