American Airlines Impressive WiFi Milestone Covering Entire Mainline Fleet

Connectivity in the skies has changed dynamically and if you’re relying on American Airlines for your next trip, you’re sure to have speedier internet access along the way. The airline has rolled out satellite-based broadband and Wi-Fi to its entire mainline narrow body fleet. Depending on the flight route, you’ll either have Gogo 2Ku or ViaSat Ka connections providing speedier and more consistent WiFi. Though American Airlines took a couple of years to provide Wi-Fi access across its entire fleet, the upgrades haven’t finished yet. The next goal is to offer power outlet for every seat of the mainline fleet. Well, that means you can work or play all flight while charging your device.

Satellite-based Wi-Fi System

All aircrafts on American Airlines domestic flights are now equipped with either Gogo 2Ku or ViaSat Ka which enables passengers to surf the web at speeds comparable to their home and office. Instead of using ground towers to connect to the internet, the connectivity on American Airlines relies on satellites in the sky. On boarding the aircraft, passengers have to connect their telephone, tablet or laptop to the provider’s portal. Once connected, they have the option to purchase time on the internet, watch live television or stream from a library of TV shows and movies.

How much will it Cost to use American Airlines’ WiFi?

While the American had finally achieved its milestone in offering high-speed internet, it has invested a lot of money to make it possible. Eventually, this means there are different charges for internet access. It’s not offered with a free tier unless you’re an Apple Music subscriber. The cost depends on how much access time you want and when you decide to purchase a pass. Inflight prices start at $12 and go up to monthly WiFi packages for $45.99 plus tax. The charges are categorized below.

  • In-flight 2 hour pass – $12
  • In-flight 4 hours – $17
  • Entire Flight – $19
  • Monthly WiFi package – $45.99 plus tax

American Airlines’ Impressive WiFi Milestone

What’s indeed impressive is that American Airlines had made the bulk of its progress within the past year. It was early last year when they started this project and installing high speed wifi in so many planes so quickly is impressive.


Now that the high-speed internet access has been achieved on all of American Airlines’ fleet, the airline is busy installing a personal power point in every seat. Like most of its competitors, the leading airline is also replacing most of its in-seat entertainment systems with personal device entertainment that can be streamed to your phone or tablet. Perhaps, it’s now bringing tablet holders that come with USB ports, so that passengers can enjoy hands-free entertainment.

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