American Airlines Forces Passenger to Cover Up with a Blanket After Deeming Her Romper ‘Inappropriate’

A doctor from Texas has slammed American airlines after they allegedly forced her to cover up with a blanket because of her offensive outfit. Dr Tisha Rowe, a family-medicine specialist was on a flight to Miami with her son when she was asked to step off the plane by cabin crew. Perhaps, she had boarded the plane without any issue, and had almost reached her seat when a flight attendant approached her and said that they needed to talk to her. Dr Rowe was directed off the plane to the jet-way. She was explained that the flight crew found her outfit offensive and inappropriate, and that she she wouldn’t be allowed back on the plane unless she changed or covered up.  Tisha remained calm and sought a way to resolve things for the sake of her young son, who was becoming upset. As a rescue, the blanket solution was offered and Rowe wrapped the blanket around her waist to be allowed back on the plane. Rowe had to convince the flight attendants to let her back on the airplane, and was warned to “not make a scene.” While the incident left her feeling humiliated and disgusted, her son was in tears during the flight. After the shocking incident, she took to Twitter to reveal what had happened.

Was Dr Rowe inappropriately dressed?

To be fair, the Texas Doctor was returning from a vacation in Jamaica (a hot place) to Miami (another hot place), where it makes sense to dress light to avoid overheating. While some might baulk at the thought of skin to skin contact on a flight, it’s a fact that far less dressed people have also been flying with American Airlines.

Here’s what she was wearing in full color:

American Airlines Deemed Her Romper ‘Inappropriate’

She is wearing a romper, and yes, it’s strapless. It’s quite short, but everything is covered. In terms of the American airline’s policy, the contract of carriage which passengers agree to when they purchase tickets, states ‘appropriate attire’ but does not provide any details or examples. It simply reads:

“Dress appropriately; bare feet or offensive clothing aren’t allowed.”

Certainly, this doesn’t really clear up things in terms of whether her outfit was inappropriate or not, but the passenger was comfortable in her romper and felt it was appropriate coming from a hot land, Jamaica.

American Airlines Forces Dr.Rowe to Cover Up with a Blanket
American Airlines Forces Dr.Rowe to Cover Up with a Blanket

Racist and Body Shaming

Many passengers have raised the notion that perhaps if she was white, it would not have been an issue. Added to this, some also commented that if she was a skinny size 2 then it wouldn’t have happened. The passenger herself alluded to her treatment being because of her race, and because she doesn’t ‘fit the mold’ of the typical skinny white girl. The airline took Rowe’s complaint seriously and has been investigating why she was forced to cover up. Unfortunately, the airline officials were unable to reach Dr. Rowe or leave a message at the number provided. American Airlines wanted to personally apologize to Dr. Rowe and her son for their humiliating experience and to fully refund their travel.

Dressing Guidelines from American Airlines

For most of us, wearing light and comfortable clothes brings comfort and ease while flying. While the American airline doesn’t prescribe a dress code, it strictly affirms that as long as your clothing is neat and clean and doesn’t offend or distract, you’re good to fly in any class including premium cabins. By saying offensive or distractive attire, the airline meant that passengers should not wear anything that’s overly revealing such as super short shorts or something that is sheer or transparent. That also extends to swimwear or sleepwear. However, you can change into your American-provided pajamas if you’re lucky to snag a First Class seat on a premium international flight!

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