737 MAX won’t Crash Again: American Airline’s Senior Executives to Fly Before Passengers

After the Ethiopian airlines 737 MAX and Lion Air 737 MAX crash killing more than 340 passengers, passengers avoid flying in 737 MAX Boeing jets. As a result of this American airlines have extended its cancellation up to September 3, which results in more than 100 flights relying on 737 MAX is cancelled per day.

To regain passenger’s trust, American Airlines has stated that before regular passengers, American Airline’s senior executives will fly in the first flight after it gets clearance from FAA and its very likely by September.

Passengers will be able to change flights for free

Airlines like Southwest, Ryan green, United airlines provide their passengers the option to switch planes free of cost, if they have don’t want to travel in 737 MAX planes.

Boeing’s Statement

Boeing has stated that its design is safe and after the software update and changes,  when it hit the skies again it will be one of the safest flights to travel. Boeing CEO added that 737 MAX will earn and re-earn its trust. He added that he will be on the first flight after the changes, to mark his confidence on the 737 MAX jets.


FAA (Federal Aviation Authority – USA) said it’s scrutinising the safety of the planes and the MAX planes will fly in skies only if FAA believes it’s really safe. Also, EASA( Europe) has added its own regulations which have to be met before the 737 MAX planes could fly in Europe.


  • More than 300 passengers killed in 737 MAX Plane Crashes
  • Nearly 41% of Americans choose not to travel in 737 MAX Planes until it proves itself (Investment Bank UBS)
  • Airlines are demanding Boeing for compensation are losing money linked to the 737 MAX planes cancellation
  • On a statement from FAA, it’s been said it would take up to December to obtain the necessary clearances
  • Still, some airlines have expressed their trust with Boeing and its MAX planes
  • Boeing CEO will fly in the first flight after clearance to prove their confidence
  • American Airlines Senior Exec to fly in MAX plane after FAA to regain its passenger’s trust

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